We value our clients' experience at Towne & Country Animal Hospital. 

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  • "I love this place! Very helpful, obvious that they truly care about our pets and very reasonably priced. This is the second time I have taken our dog to see them due to a regular occurring back problem. Very patient, very attentive to both our dog and us. Thanks for your professionalism."
    Jack R.
  • "I was very pleased with this vet. Just lest than 2 weeks ago my cat just wasn’t acting like herself and our normal vet couldn’t take her in, but luckily Towne & Country did. Unfortunately we had to put her down and it was a very hard thing for my family to do especially because of how unexpected. Their hospitality was amazing as they comforted me and my mom. Just yesterday we got a card in the mail from them and each individual member signed the card apologizing for our loss. It made me cry so hard, these guys are truly amazing."
    Stephanie W.
  • "Our beloved dog, Cassie had passed away while we were on our way to Towne & Country Animal hospital. They knew we were coming. We were greeted immediately when we entered and brought to a room. We were treated with so much care, dignity and compassion. Knowing this made a very difficult ordeal a little easier. They were tremendous!"
    Barb Jacobs K.
  • "We are the owners of a very healthy, happy, rambunctious 5-month-old kitten. The only reason he's alive....is because of the staff at Towne & Country. He was found as a stray at 3 weeks old, and some kind person surrendered him and his litter mate to the Hospital. He weighed less than a pound, and was a rack of bones. The Hospital could've euthanized them; sadly there is no shortage of unwanted kittens. Instead, they took the time to care for them, bottle-fed them and nursed the kittens back to health. Our Rocky lived there for 6 weeks. They said they named him Rocky because he's a fighter. It was a perfect name! They so desperately wanted to find a home for them. So, Melissa asked me. It seemed like a good time to open our hearts to a new pet....and he stole mine. Thanks T&C.

    In that moment of choice, you didn't have to do choose to care for them, and seek homes for them. But you did. That says a lot for your mission and shows your hearts are in the right place."
    Nicole B.

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